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Essay on Psalms 119 September 29, 2009

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The verses that I like the best in psalms, chapter 119 are the verses 105 and 151. Verse 105 is the verse that says “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” This verse is my personal favorite because it tells me that the word of the Lord will be my light, and that as long as I hold fast to the truth, I will never loose my way. This is important to me because loosing my way in the midst of a world filled with so much temptation and distraction could be deadly to my spirit. The knowledge that I have a sure foundation beneath my feet, and a well lit path is a comfort when I feel close to succumbing to the cares of the world.
Verse 151, my other favorite, states, quite plainly, “Thou art near, O Lord; and all thy commandments are truth.” This is an important verse for me because I can think of it if I ever have doubts, and if I ever wonder, “Am I doing what I should be doing? Does God really love me?” If ever I hear those thoughts enter my mind, this verse comes along with it, especially the part about how the Lord is near us. It is a very comforting verse as well, if I ever feel alone amid a world of crumbling statutes, and fading morality. I can think of this verse whenever those times come about, and I can remember that the Lord is near me.



Writing assignment: September 28, 2009

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This is my first writing assignment!


By the love of the Lord we are saved.
Because of His affection we can return to live with Him.

Even though there is much hatred in this world, his never ending glory shines through.
Eternal love pours from above, and it never falters.

The love that we can give to one another is the most amazing blessing we have been given.
The pure love of Christ is God’s greatest gift to us.

How beautiful it is, His mercy, His grace.
Hardships and trials may come our way, but His arm is stretched out still.

And though we be as small as the grains of sand, He will never take His devotion away
Anything that we need assistance with, whenever we need His grace, we can turn to Him in prayer.

No matter how we pray, whether aloud or in our hearts, He will hear us, and answer our cries, for His love for us is never-ending
Neither will He forget us, for He hears the call of every sparrow, and the breath of every wind.

Yet will He remember the tears of the forgotten child, the fear, pain and sorrow.
Yea, even he will comfort every little one in their time of need.

Will the father forget the broken son? Nay even he will remember him and love him, and desire the son’s happiness.
Will the Lord forget his children? Never, for He loves us more than any mortal love that exists on earth.

And His joy is beyond our comprehension when we follow the path of rightousness.
As He loves us, even so should we learn to love one another.

The power of the Lord is great, and his goodness is omnipotent, but His care for us is even more powerful.
Though we may stray far from the chosen path, and into the dark and dreary waste, He does not despise us for our faults, but He pleads that we will return to Him.

Sin and hatred are on all sides, and at times they may come near to overpowering us, but we must be strong and withstand the evil powers.
So hard as we try to avoid such hatreds, even so hard will God help us.

Only after we have given our all will the Lord save us. We must try as we have never tried before.
Over the seas and under the skies, the hand of the Lord doth extend.

Never ceasing, never faltering, He is willing to give us the affection and caring that we need.
No wind, or wave of the ocean can ever effect the great love that the Lord God has for his children on earth.