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AlBhAbEt SeNtEnCeS February 26, 2010

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This is my ABC sentence , and i know Xenophobic and Zealous have nothing to do with each other but hey one was X and one was Z so it works :)

A bug crawls deftly, ever fearful, guiding his insectine joints, keeping low, making no obvious prints, quietly running, silently treading, upside-down, very worried, xenophobic yet zealous.

And I realize that i repeat several letters in here, much to my dismay :( but at least not as many as I did when I first wrote it :)

Elizabeth Ghisk, Cory Quix, and I got Jim P. a VW bug.



Five stories..

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East-Edith Pattou
In this story, Rose goes away with a white bear to save her sister’s life, but in so doing, Rose endangers her own life. Rose is willing to give up everything she has to save the ones she loves. This story is a retelling of both Beauty and the beast and East of the Sun and West of the Moon, and it shows how love truly can conquer all, even death.

Princess Academy-Shannon Hale
When Miri’s friend, Britt, is captured, Miri sacrifices herself to save her, putting herself in Britt’s place. When it seems that all hope is lost, Miri uses her only weapons left to her: her mind and her voice. She escapes through wit alone, and her bravery saves the life of not only Britt, but her entire kingdom. This story is a wonderful example of how one girl, even a girl too small to work in a quarry, can change the world.

The Lightning thief-Rick Riordan
When Percy Jackson is sent on a quest to retrieve the most dangerous weapon in the world, the lightning bolt, he is unsure of himself, not knowing what he is capable of. As his journey goes on, he discovers that no blade can match the power he has within himself. He learns what he truly wants, what he can achieve, and most of all, who he really is. This is a story of finding internal strength and learning to rely on ones self, and become who you’re supposed to be.

The Goose Girl-Shannon Hale
Ani is sent off to marry an unknown prince, and is betrayed by her power hungry, supposed friend. In a desperate struggle for her life, princess Ani is forced to pull her self down to the lowest possible rank, that of a goose girl. She learns what it’s like to be a peasant, living on the streets. She learns the value of hard work, a square meal, and a good night’s sleep, and along the way she discovers what love is. Ani is forced to rely wholly on the truth, praying it will be enough. Suddenly it becomes just enough when not only hope and life, but love is at stake, and with a friend behind her, and the truth at her back, Ani is able to save what matters most, and she saves an entire nation in the process. This is an amazing story because it shows how when you have the wrong reasons for something, your not going to get it, but when you want it for the right reasons, suddenly the path clears.

Heartbeat- Sharon Creech

Annie’s mother is expecting a baby, and Annie is amazed at how there can be a little person, inside her mother, growing everyday, a boy who will someday be a man but who is now just a group of cells. When Annie first hears her baby brother’s heartbeat, before he is born, she wonders at the beauty of an innocent being, not even born yet. But when the time comes, the baby does not breathe. Air is pumped into his body and Annie prays that he will live. Finally, tears come to the midwife’s eyes as the baby begins to breathe, and Annie feels again the little miracle’s heartbeat. This book tells of the miracle of life, and the wonder of a birth. It shows how amazing a baby, innocent and pure, can be and what a blessing a baby is.

<3 Watson <3


Beauty and The Beast February 24, 2010

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Title: Beauty and the Beast
Author: (is believed to be) Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Gallon de Villeneuve
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Children

Belle: A bright, beautiful girl with a love for roses and literature. She grows up without a mother, in a cottage with her widower father. She has a very loving disposition, and is the heroine of the story.
Father: A man getting on in years, who loves his daughter more than anything in the world.
The Beast: A prince under a spell who has lost the ability to love, and become an animal. In the beginning of the story he is the bad guy, since he captures belle’s father and holds him ransom until Belle comes to take his place. In the end, however, he changes and becomes a true prince charming.

This story is told from both Belle’s point of view and the Beast’s, and it takes place in pre-French revolution times, in France.

Plot Summary: Belle’s Father goes on a journey and finds an enchanted castle. He picks a rose for Belle and is captured by a beast for picking the forbidden roses, and Belle comes to the castle to take her father’s place as a captive. Over time the ferocious beast grows more gentle and kind until he is a wonderful person, and Belle falls in love with him, breaking the evil enchantment over him and his castle, and turning him into a handsome prince. Belle and the prince (ex-beast) are married and they live happily ever after.

Conflict: Most of the conflict in this story is internal, and we only see it through the thoughts of the characters. Someone inside this story who didn’t have insight into people’s thoughts would have no idea of most of the conflict going on.
The main conflict seen in this story is the conflict that is within the beast. He has the constant battle of the beast versus the prince going on inside him, both trying to dominate.
Another conflict is the conflict Belle feels as she begins to fall in love with the beast. She does not want to love someone she believes is a monster, but as tie goes on, she begins to see he is so much more than that, and the battle within begins.
External conflict is seen when the beast captures Belle’s father and throws him in
the dungeon. This is a minor conflict, and it only last a few minutes, but there is a man-to-man struggle.

The theme of this story is love. Love is what causes Belle to go to save her father, and love is what save’s the beast’s life.

Literary device 1: Anthropomorphism. The castle is enchanted and the table sets itself and the objects move about on their own. (not that they have faces as in the Disney movie, but they do walk and move about.)
Literary device 2: Bildungsroman. The beast, the protagonist, undergoes an enormous change.
Literary device 3: Characterization. The writer gives a vivid description of both Belle and the beast, and gives insights into both character’s thoughts, helping them to become more well-rounded.

My overall opinion of this story is that it has a very good lesson to it. A lot of times people mistranslate love of think that lust is love. Pure, Innocent love is a wonderful thing and this story shows it very well.


My Adventure’s Face February 2, 2010

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My dress was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen, it shone, blindingly white, as I walked down the isle towards my future.  I knew I should be happy, so why did I feel fear?  I felt as though someone had pierced me with a poisonous needle, or drugged me with the wrong pills.  I just felt sick, blood pounded in my ears and I felt like my head was stuffed with cotton swabs where my brain should have been.

I walked past my mother.  She sat in her wheelchair, smelling of a sterile hospital room, and disinfectant.  The cap on her head, and the wire going into her hand told of the cancer, and the failed surgery.  I felt so numb, like I’d overdosed on anesthesia.  Just looking at my mom set of blaring alarms in my head, like the siren of an ambulance.  What was I doing?  I was still just a child, and incomplete child.  The X-rays had even shown that I wasn’t done growing!  Death was upon my mother and I was leaving her.  I remembered her words to me: “Medicine can’t help me now, nor can any doctor, but your happiness with make me complete.”

She wanted me to be happy.

I wanted to be happy.  I looked up, and saw HIM.  He stood there, smiling at me.  Suddenly I felt like I was melting.  It would all be ok, his eyes told me so.  As I took his hand, he whispered, “You don’t have to do this.  But I want you to know that I love you.”

I looked back at my mother, smiling at me with tears in her eyes.  I knew she would kill me if I didn’t do what my heart desired, and she might not be around much longer if I waited.  It was in God’s hands.  I loved my mother, and she loved me, but she had told me to move on and have an adventure of my own.  Squeezing his hand, I looked my adventure in the face.  And when asked that life changing question, I said “I do.”