The Sky and the Roses

The Little Watson Girl's Dreams on Paper

Chapter 7 May 24, 2010

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Lightning forked across the sky lighting up the pale, scarred face of a man. He was alone at the edge of the woods. Good. He needed to be alone. He didn’t want anyone to be hurt.
The moon split the clouds and its fragile beams struck the man in the eyes. The pain started, spreading from his green eyes to the tips of his fingers. He clenched his hands, and closed his eyes, begging for release.
A gasp.
The man turned, and saw a child, an innocent boy, peering out from behind a tree.
Not the child, not the boy, please, anyone but the boy!
“Daddy?” the boys voice was hesitant, his green eyes wide with fear.
“Run! Please, run!” the pain was intense now, like fire coursing through his veins. Had it always hurt this much?
The boy looked confused, and he took a hesitant step forward.
“Go! Run to your mother, please!” in a moment he would lose control and the boy… the boy…
He began to change.
“Daddy!” the boy screamed, and began running towards the man, trying to help, only trying to help.
“NO!” but the word was only a howl, and the world went dark for the man.
The boy was alone with a monster.
“Daddy?” his voice broke, and changed into a terrified scream as the monster before him lunged.


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