The Sky and the Roses

The Little Watson Girl's Dreams on Paper

A Little Bit of Bethany October 16, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night…

ok, no, not really, it actually was a hot day in early August, and in Saudi Arabia, a baby had just been brought into the world. She had a mess of dark hair that was surprisingly long for such a tiny baby, and her eyes were very dark blue.  She cried and cried, scrunching up her tiny face and wailing.

“What do we call her?” the mother asked.

Names were voted on, but then a little boy stepped forward, three-year-old joshua. His green eyes were solemn as he insisted in his serious, little boy way “Her name is Bethany.  It already is.”

And he seemed so certain that no one objected.  So Bethany the baby became.  Those dark blue eyes turned to an intense dark brown within just a few days, and that dark hair quickly grew into little curls.  But it was not the eyes, nor the hair that frightened people, it was the fact that Bethany could speak full sentences and have a conversation before she could even walk.

A year after Bethany was born, her daddy’s office was bombed, and the american families were evacuated from the country.  Bethany’s family, consisting of Mommy, Daddy, Rachel, Elizabeth, Joshua, and Bethany, were sent to live in Minnesota, a huge climate change. While living in Minnesota, Bethany’s family discovered something odd about the little girl: She would eat Ajax.  (Yes, Ajax, like the cleaning stuff)  She would lick the top of the bottle, shudder and say  “thats disgusting.” and then proceed to lick it again.

Ten months later, Bethany and her family moved to Utah for six months, and during that time, Bethany celebrated her second birthday, right before they moved to South Korea.

In South Korea, Bethany attended preschool: For one day.  Not speaking any Korean, she didn’t understand a word.  So instead, Bethany taught herself to read. Her Mom was totally shocked when one day Bethany sat down with “The Cat in the Hat” and read it aloud.  Shocked, but pleased.

*       *     *

Bethany sat, staring at the two little newcomers in her life.  A boy and a girl, both with pale blonde hair.  The boy, brown-eyed and small, clinging to daddy, and the girl, round-faced, with eyes so pale blue they were almost white, hiding behind mommy.  They didn’t speak english, only Russian, and they were afraid.  Bethany however, was not afraid of these little people, she was only curious.  Anastasia, the girl was called, Nastia for short.  A very Russian name.  Josephus was the boy’s name.  Joseph, only in Russian.  How strange, to suddenly have two little two-year old siblings who didn’t know her, and didn’t even know each other.

“We’re naming the girl Naomi Anastasia, and the boy Peter Joseph.”  Mommy announced.  Bethany nodded.  They would not remember this day, the day they came to Korea, the day they came home.  They would forget,  but she wouldn’t.

*     *     *

Bethany and her family, now extended to include two little adopted russion children, soon moved out of Korea, to go to upstate New York.  This was legit hick-town.  kids would drive their tractors to school, and wear baggy over-alls and everything. 


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