The Sky and the Roses

The Little Watson Girl's Dreams on Paper

Starry nights (CW15) January 21, 2010

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This is a story of how the cares and things of the world can bring us further from God. If we fill up our lives with what is only good, we will miss out on what in vital.

There once was a young girl who lived out in the country. This girl loved the stars which she saw every night, spread out far above her in the heavens. The stars loved the girl just as much, if not more, and they looked forward to being with her and playing every night.
One night, as the sun went down, the stars began to look for the girl, but she never came. They saw nothing but moving vans and boxes.
“Oh, that’s all right!” the stars thought to themselves, “she’s only moving. We shall see her again in her new home.”
The girl was indeed moving, from the quiet country, to the big city. When she arrived, she was thrilled with all there was to do, and that night, after her long, busy day, she didn’t even once glance up at the sky before bed.
So it went on, with the girl getting older a

nd losing herself in things like makeup and social events. The stars became very lonely.
Many years passed, and one night, the moving

vans came again, and took away the girl, this time

with her husband and their child. They moved back out to the country, back where light pollution did not blot out the night sky.

That night, the girl’s little one tugged her outside and pointed up at the sky.

“Look, mommy!” the little one cried, staring up with wondrous eyes.

The girl looked up and her own

eyes filled with tears.

“All these years, I’d forgotten how beautiful the night sky looks from out here.” Never again did the girl forget the stars, and as time passed, the stars, and the girl with her little one, were happy.



Golden eyed November 9, 2009

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This is i suppose the begining of a series.

A small girl stood on the sandy beach, staring out over the blue water, not knowing that she was not the only one staring. A boy, not much older than herself, stood a ways away, staring at her. He had never seen another human before, well, not since he was a baby.
The girl turned, and looked surprised to see him. She dragged her little raft up with her as she walked towards him.
“Hello!” she smiled. She really was very small, not young, but small. She was wearing a blue and gold dress, and her golden red hair was tumbling down over her small shoulders, striking against the blue cloth, and her eyes were of a most peculiar color of gold. Of course, the boy had no idea whether gold eyes were normal or not. His own eyes were silvery gray, and oddly blank.
He didn’t smile back. He was a stocky boy, of around 14 or so, with sandy blonde hair.  His silvery eyes were rimmed with thick dark eye lashes, looking almost feminine.
There was something very odd about his face, but the girl could not put her finger on what it was exactly. Maybe it was how blank his eyes were. “Who are you?” she asked curiously.
The boy just looked at her. Not answering. His eyes showed neither fear, nor curiosity, nor even the slightest sign of recognition that she had spoken.
“What’s your name?” she tried rephrasing the question, thinking perhaps he was dim.
“I don’t understand.” The reply made Lyli jump, not because of what he was saying, but because the boy was speaking wolf, not human. Lyli knew how to speak like all the creatures of the forest, but never had she met a human who spoke only wolf.
“I asked you what your name was.” She told him, switching to wolf tongue.
“I haven’t got one.”
“Oh.” The girl didn’t know what to say to this. “I’m Lyli.” She held out a hand, as though to shake his. He just looked at it.
Suddenly Lyli realized something. She knew why the boys eyes were so blank, and such a silvery shade of gray. Only one race had those blank, silver eyes. “You’re a heartless, aren’t you?”
The boy just looked at her.
”You are.” She said. The heartless were a race of people who had no emotions. Most people thought they were things of legend, but Lyli knew otherwise. This explained the boy’s blank eyes. He wasn’t feeling anything, not fear, not happiness, not anger, not even curiosity.
“So, um, you haven’t got a name?” Lyli wasn’t at all sure how one handled a boy with no emotions, who spoke only wolf.
“No. They call me Wanderer but I haven’t got a proper one.”
“Who’s they?” Lyli asked, curious.
“My pack.”
“I don’t understand.”
“I was raised by wolves, but my mother died recently, and the pack turned me out.”
This explained why he spoke wolf.
The boy, Wanderer, didn’t seem at all sad that his mother had died, or that he had been turned out by his ‘pack’, but Lyli felt sorry for him all the same.
“You could come with me.” The words were out of her mouth before she had thought them through. Could her raft fit two people? Did she want to deal with an emotionless boy with silver eyes, who spoke no human? She didn’t know, but she did know that there was something about this boy that made her want to like him, to help him.
This was such an odd response that Lyli stuttered as she tried to answer. “W-well I guess I-I j-just thought mayb-be you wouldn’t want….” She thought for a moment. “Why not?” answering a question with a question always worked on wolves, might it work on this boy?
“Oh. Ok then I’ll go.” he neither smiled nor looked apprehensive. Could one ever get used to such a boy?
* * *
After three days on the little raft with Wanderer, Lyli was certain she would never be used to him. He was so strange, his blank eyes, and the way he answered her many questions in such a blank way. He too asked questions, but they were all informational, not ‘out of curiosity’ questions.
Lyli began speaking with her father more and more in these three days. Her father was the reason for her unusual hair, name and eyes. Her father was the god of the sun. ‘Lyli’ in the ancient tongue meant ‘the dawn’.
When Lyli was born, half goddess, half mortal, she was sent to earth, and her father was forbidden to speak to her again, demi-god that she was. But the sun god loved his little daughter, who had been the dawn of a new life for him, and he had given her a stone to wear around her neck, a sun stone. Lyli could use this sun stone to speak with her father, but it only worked when the light of the sun touched her skin.
On the fourth day, the little raft beached on an island that seemed to be covered with an odd mist. Wanderer got out and pulled the raft up out of the water.
Well, that’s one benefit of having him here. Thought Lyli. He’s a lot stronger than me.
As soon as they were fully beached, Lyli knew something was wrong. Her sun stone had gone cold, a thing that had never happened before, even in the dead of night. She caught it up in her hand and stared at it’s smooth, glassy surface. The mist all around her swirled threateningly, and Lyli instinctively moved a bit closed to Wanderer.
“Where are we?” Wanderer’s voice broke the silence like a pebble dropped in a still pool. His silver eyes gazed around, uncaring.
“I-I don’t know.” Lyli stuttered.
Wanderer took a few steps forward, and Lyli followed.
“We should go back.” She said, fear lodged in her throat and made her voice high and unlike her natural one. “This isn’t right.” She turned back to go to the shore, but she met what felt like an invisible wall. “No, no no no!” Lyli pounded on the swirling wall of mist, but it was as impenetrable as if it had been made of stone. “No!”
Wanderer came over to feel the wall. “I’ve never felt something like this before. I can feel it, but I can’t see it.”
“No one can see it.” A deep voice came from behind them, farther up on the island. “But believe me, we can all feel it.”
Lyli turned, slowly, dreading what she was about to see. A man stood behind her, smiling sadly.
“I’m sorry for you, that you had to land here.”
Lyli looked him up and down. His clothes were ragged, and dirty, as was his face. He had a scar across his left cheek, which showed plainly, even in the faint light cast, seemingly by the mist itself. The man’s eyes were green, very green, almost yellow, and his hair was dark, but going grey.
The man’s green eyes were fixed on Wanderer, an expression of curiosity on his face. Lyli looked at Wanderer too, and saw that he had not understood anything the man had said.
“Who are you?” the man asked Wanderer.
Wanderer just looked at him.
“He doesn’t speak human.” Lyli blurted out. “And who are you?” she hadn’t meant to sound rude, but she was so scared that it turned out sounding that way.
“Ryder. I’m Ryder. And what does he speak? And what’s your name?”
“Hello, he speaks wolf, and my name is Lyli.”
“Wolf?” Ryder’s green eyes lit up. He turned to wanderer, and in perfect wolf, translated their entire conversation, ending with asking Wanderer’s name. Wander told him he had none, but was called the Wanderer.
“How do you know wolf?” Lyli asked him in amazement.
“I practically am a wolf.”
“What do you mean?”
Ryder turned those green eyes on her and said “Watch.” And in an instant, he was transforming, his hands becoming paws, and his face lengthening out into a wolf’s face.
“You’re a werewolf.” Wanderer’s eyes were locked on Ryder’s.
Turning back into a human, Ryder nodded.
“You have to get off this island.” He told them. “It does things to you. It’s making it harder and harder for me to be a human. It’s turning me slowly into a wolf. It will find the worst in you, and make it take over you. You’re a heartless, I can tell. Your silver eyes.” This was directed at Wanderer. “And you must be a demi-god. Your hair.”
Lyli locked eyes with Ryder for the first time.
“Ah. Not just any demi-god. You’re the daughter of the sun god, aren’t you? Banished forever from the realm of the gods for your mother’s blood.” He looked into her golden eyes. “In that case, you’d better stay. You may be the only hope for this island. You may bring the dawn to our island at last.”


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire October 23, 2009

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Our young Harry Potter is now fourteen

And thrice he has faced Mr. Voldemort mean

He’s going back to Hogwarts to learn some more stuff

But he doesn’t know that this year will be tough


At the start of term feast, the headmaster smiles

“We will be hosting two schools for a while.

They are called Durmstrang, from the far north,

And Beauxbaton too will also come forth.”


Two sets of new students? Yep, sure enough.

But they’re not the reason life will be tough.

There’s to be a tournament, the first one in years

The news sends the crowd wild with cheers


There will be three tasks, which three students will face

One student from each school will take the hard place.

The infamous judge, the goblet of fire

Will select the students to face the tasks dire


You must be seventeen to put in your name

But Harry of course is known for his fame

When his name comes out, they call him a cheat

The new teacher, Moody, says it would be a feat


He says it’s not possible that such a young boy

Could trick the smart goblet, and a fourth school employ

Now three students are picked, along with our hero

Krum, a player of Quidditch, and Fleur who’s no zero


The other champion was really quite cool

He was also from Dumbledore’s school

He’s a popular boy, and was glad to be picked

He’s known by the simple name of Cedric


The tournament begins, and the very first task

Involves a dragon that they have to get past

Harry flies on a broom, makes the dragon’s head spin

And he gets his gold egg: not a pass, but a win


The other three champions all got their eggs too

But some, like miss Fleur, lost points not a few

Now comes the next task; they all want to win it

First they must open their egg and get the message within it

The egg opens easily, the message: just noise

It makes no sense, so brains Harry employs

When you go under water, open the egg there

The message comes out, clearer than air.


It tells our hero, through mermaid song

That they’ve taken his friend, his bestie, Ron

He’s being held captive, at the bottom of a lake

If Harry’s not fast, his life they will take


The task comes along and Harry is scared

He has no idea how to survive without air

He must go underwater, for a whole hour

He must bring back Ron, and prove his great valor


But a friend comes along, Dobby, the elf

He gives Harry a plant that he stole from a shelf

It’s called Gillyweed, and Harry must eat it

If he’s to survive the task and defeat it


Harry chews it up fast and steps into the lake

And to his surprise, he sprouts fins in his wake

Putting a hand to his throat, he finds something else too

He has slits in his neck, gills that are new


Our hero is pleased and he swims quickly along

Breathing real easy, till he hears mermaid song

He follows the noise, finds Ron asleep and tied to a post

But his other friend, Hermione surprises him most


She is there too, what can Harry do?

The mermaids won’t let him take her back up, too

Four people are down there, tied down to four posts

Harry’s friends, and two girls, pale as ghosts


Suddenly, Krum turns up on the scene

Hermione’s his girlfriend, don’t you see.

And Cedric comes, and takes one of the girls

Harry is left with the small girl with pale curls


If she doesn’t get out, he’s sure that she’ll die

What’s he to do?  He grabs her and flies

He gets to the surface, gasping for air

Puzzled, he finds that his gills aren’t there



He’s outside the time limit, he came back too late

But ‘cuz he was brave, tons of points he still made

The eggs frightening message, he discovered, was fake

His friends wouldn’t die, they would simply awake


The third task now looms far ahead in his mind

It’s not for a while, but preparing takes time

His favorite class is the one Moody teaches

He learns some good spells, and about dangerous creatures


The third task is a maze, and it’s coming up quick

If he’s going to get through, He’ll have to be slick

There are hazardous things, dangers galore

First one to the trophy will get a full score


In the heart of the maze, Harry is told

The Triwizard cup stands, shiny and bold

The first wizard to grab it is the one who will win

The shrill whistle blows and the four hurry in


On he goes, rushing, near the wall like a blur

When to his shock, he discovers miss Fleur

She is unconscious, Harry prays she’s not dead

He sends up some sparks in the help color: red


Harry finds Cedric, who has not so well fared.

“I was attacked by that Krum!” Cedric declares

“I don’t know what he means, he’s usually so nice!

I left him back there.  He’s knocked out if I’m right”


They go on together, both slightly afraid

And find the gold cup by the last light of day

Together, the boys, the cup they both grab

But shocked, they are pulled to a place dark and drab


They are in a graveyard

A voice breaks the night

“Kill the spare”

Then a flash of green light

And Cedric falls

Never to move again


Harry is shocked.

Too shocked to struggle

When he is tied by a hooded figure

To a headstone

There is a black cauldron

The hooded figure drops a bundle into it

Then the worst thing happens

Voldemort reappears


What does it take

To get rid of this guy??

Harry is cut free

And Voldemort tries to kill him

(Yet again)

But a bond between the brother wands

Stops him

And saves Harry

Harry sees everyone Voldemort ever killed

Cedric, his Mum, his Dad

Then the brother wands seem to take over

And Voldemort falls

But he, unlike Cedric

Will get up again

Harry grabs Cedric’s body

And runs

He grabs the Triwizard cup again

Praying it will take him back

And it does.


Triumphant the Hero returns once again

But this time he brings back the shell of a friend

Cedric was gone, and the whole school mourned

While Voldemort was returned back to full form


Harry goes home, quite the worse for the wear

And all through the summer he thinks it’s not fair

What will happen next year, when Harry’s fifteen?

Will he fall like young Cedric, in a flash of bright green?


Brer Rabbit and the Fox trap October 21, 2009

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One hot summer day, Brer Rabbit was a-walking down the path in the forest, minding his own business, watching his feet, and not noticing anything at all, when he heard a right startling crack.  He glanced up real fast, but didn’t see any one.  At the same time, Brer Rabbit noticed that there was a large fox trap on the path in front of him.

            “A fox trap in the middle of my forest??” Brer rabbit was mighty surprised when he saw that there fox trap, and he set to a-wondering who would have had the nerve to do such a thing.

            What Brer Rabbit didn’t know was that Brer Fox was a-sitting behind a big ol’ oak tree near where Brer Rabbit was.  He had been the one to put that there fox trap on that path.  “I’ll get that there darned rabbit this time, if it’s the last thing I do.” Brer Fox thought to himself.  He started waiting for just the right moment, and when Brer Rabbit was just about to walk past the fox trap, he pounced right out from behind the tree, and scared Brer Rabbit right out of his wits!  Brer Rabbit was right startled, and he fell right over and his fine, bushy rabbit’s tail got caught in the fox trap.

            “Ha!” Brer Fox laughed and laughed to see Brer Rabbit a-sitting there, his bushy tail caught in a trap like a guilty hand in a cookie jar.  “I said I’d get you Brer Rabbit, and now, by golly, I getted you!  Oh I said I would some day get you, and now I have, Brer Rabbit!” The fox was so pleased with himself that he sat down hard, laughing till his stomach ached right badly.

            “Brer Fox, you don’t look so good.”  Brer Rabbit told him when Brer fox stopped laughing to catch his breath.

            Brer Fox looked over real sharp at Brer Rabbit, and said “What do you mean, Brer Rabbit?”

            “Well you’ve gone all red, Brer Fox.  I’m a-thinking you might be sick.”  Brer rabbit tutted sadly.  “I’m sorry Brer Fox, but I can’t run for the doctor.  See my tail so caught in this here fox trap, and it’s mighty heavy.  You’d better run for the doctor yourself.”

            “I look sick?” Brer Fox looked worried.  “Brer Rabbit, I think your right.  But if I run for the doctor, I might get more sick!  What can I do, Brer Rabbit?”

            “Brer Fox, for a case like you, theres one way for sure to tell if your sick.  Run all around in circles, and if you begin to feel hot, dizzy and sweaty, then your definitely very sick and you need to fetch a doctor right quick.”

            Brer Fox did as he was told, running around and around in circles till he was mighty dizzy, and in no time at all he was hot and sweaty too.  “Brer Rabbit I am sick!  What can I do?”

            “Well see Brer Fox, I just don’t know.  You can’t go get the doctor, and I can’t either cuz of this darned fox trap.”  Brer Rabbit concealed a smile as Brer Fox jumped to his feet.

            “Hold still, Brer Rabbit. I’m a-setting you loose.  Go fetch the doctor for me. I think I’m real sick!”  By now the fox was feeling very hot and sweaty, and dizzy besides.  He opened up the fox trap and let Brer Rabbit loose, but as soon as he was free, Brer Rabbit turned right around and pushed Brer Fox right into that Fox trap.  Brer Fox let out a mighty yelp.

            “Help me!  I’m a-caught in this here fox trap!”  He glared at Brer Rabbit, and snarled, “I knew I never should have trusted you, Brer Rabbit.  Now I’m a-sick and I aint got no doctor to look after me, and I’m caught in a fox trap!  Oh how I hate you Brer Rabbit!”

            Brer Rabbit let out a might laugh and said, “There weren’t never nothing wrong with you, Brer Fox, except maybe that you’re lacking brains, but you wasn’t never sick!”  Then with a last triumphant laugh, Brer Rabbit hopped away.

            It took Brer Fox hours to get himself out of that fox trap, and when he went home, and brooded and plotted his next attempt on Brer Rabbit.  This time, he was a-planning on using a bear cage…



You are the _____ of the world October 5, 2009

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You are the engines of the world. No one would build a good engine and stick it in a garage, never to use it. Instead, they would put it in a car and drive the car around to let the world see it. You have the power, and you can get the world where it needs to go.
Let your engine run beneath the car’s hood, giving assistance to all within the car, and bringing men closer to home.

You are the telephones of the world. You wouldn’t buy a telephone, and never use it to call anyone! Instead, you would use it often, several times a day, to call your friends, family, and every one else that you needed to talk to. Let your telephone ring, calling up and receiving calls, letting you contact those you need to talk to, and letting you keep in touch.



Writing assignment: September 28, 2009

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This is my first writing assignment!


By the love of the Lord we are saved.
Because of His affection we can return to live with Him.

Even though there is much hatred in this world, his never ending glory shines through.
Eternal love pours from above, and it never falters.

The love that we can give to one another is the most amazing blessing we have been given.
The pure love of Christ is God’s greatest gift to us.

How beautiful it is, His mercy, His grace.
Hardships and trials may come our way, but His arm is stretched out still.

And though we be as small as the grains of sand, He will never take His devotion away
Anything that we need assistance with, whenever we need His grace, we can turn to Him in prayer.

No matter how we pray, whether aloud or in our hearts, He will hear us, and answer our cries, for His love for us is never-ending
Neither will He forget us, for He hears the call of every sparrow, and the breath of every wind.

Yet will He remember the tears of the forgotten child, the fear, pain and sorrow.
Yea, even he will comfort every little one in their time of need.

Will the father forget the broken son? Nay even he will remember him and love him, and desire the son’s happiness.
Will the Lord forget his children? Never, for He loves us more than any mortal love that exists on earth.

And His joy is beyond our comprehension when we follow the path of rightousness.
As He loves us, even so should we learn to love one another.

The power of the Lord is great, and his goodness is omnipotent, but His care for us is even more powerful.
Though we may stray far from the chosen path, and into the dark and dreary waste, He does not despise us for our faults, but He pleads that we will return to Him.

Sin and hatred are on all sides, and at times they may come near to overpowering us, but we must be strong and withstand the evil powers.
So hard as we try to avoid such hatreds, even so hard will God help us.

Only after we have given our all will the Lord save us. We must try as we have never tried before.
Over the seas and under the skies, the hand of the Lord doth extend.

Never ceasing, never faltering, He is willing to give us the affection and caring that we need.
No wind, or wave of the ocean can ever effect the great love that the Lord God has for his children on earth.