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Ten Theme Related Quotes April 20, 2010

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Hope and strength

“While there’s life, there’s hope.”
~Marcus Jullius Licero

“When the world says give up, hope whispers try one more time”

“Never, never, never give up.”
~Winston Churchill

“Hope is a waking dream.”

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face… do the thing you think you cannot do.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt

“Strength of purpose achieves the impossible”
~Paula Scaletta

“People do not lack strength, they lack will.”
~Victor Hugo

“Even if the path is a little blurry, keep walking. You’ll focus in when you know what you want. Then the picture of your life will be crystal clear. Just don’t ever give up.”

“Step follows step. Hope follows courage.”
~Gail Carson Lavigne, The two princesses of Bamarre

Knowing who you are :)

“Dude, you can take everything away from me, you can take my house, my family, my dog, my boyfriend, but you can’t take away who I am.”
~Bethany Watson

“The self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.”

~Thomas Szasz

:D Watson :D


Chapter 2 April 19, 2010

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“We can’t let this go an any longer, you know that Simir.” Katon’s expression was fearful as he leaned forward in his chair. “We have to get that girl out of our forest. She’s bad luck, even if she’s not in our town, she’s in our woods.”
Simir’s black eyes were serious, and he nodded. “I know, and until she’s out of our lands, none of us are safe, even in our own homes.” He looked around nervously, as though death itself hid in a shadowy corner. Leaning in, he whispered “Our crops haven’t been the same since that girl’s prophecy came. People are getting sick left and right.” He leaned even closer, his voice barely audible, “Some even say the red fever is creeping back in at the edges of the land.” He nodded impressively. “If you ask me, it’s not a coincidence.”
Katon yelped. His small eyes darting from one side of the room to the other, sweat beading his forehead, he thumped both hands over his heart, all his fingers curved, a gesture for warding off evil. “Not the fever! Not again! We lost so many!”
“That’s why she has to go. I think it should be tonight. We’ve waited long enough. Let’s get everyone together, and finish what we started seven years ago.”
“But Simir, she’s just a girl, we can’t kill her.”
Simir raised an eyebrow.
“Well, we could just banish her, send her off in a boat, wouldn’t that do just as well?” Katon was a weak-hearted man, who scared easily and he was greatly intimidated by the larger man, but he was very much against killing.
Simir considered for a moment, “I suppose that we could give her the choice, she leaves without a struggle or we kill her…”
“Yes! Exactly! Then surely, she will never trouble our shores again!”

* * *

It was midnight, and Lyli awoke to the sound of angry humans approaching. The forest was full of the noises of fleeing animals, the trees whispered about fire and blades.
Lyli rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and stood up.
Why are they here? What do they want? She asked a passing hedgehog.
He was too distracted to give a straight answer, They come with flaming sticks, and axes and knives, and no one can stop them!
Lyli began to run, along with every creature form the forest, trying to outrun the angry towns folk.
Why after so many years have they come back? Lyli wondered, knowing they were coming after her.
She could not run fast enough. No matter how far she went, the villagers kept up, and even gained on her.
She ran, farther and farther, till finally she broke out of the woods and stopped, listening. They were closer than ever.
Maybe she should just confront them and ask what they wanted.
In her moment of hesitation, they caught her. Two strong men grabbed her roughly by the arms and within moments she was surrounded by angry yelling mobsters wielding flaming torches and knives the size of her entire arm.
Lyli panicked. She began kicking and flailing, trying to get away. As she struggled, someone grabbed at the stone her father had given her which was hung about her neck, trying to choke her. She grabbed at his hands, prying them off, and clutched at the stone.
The touch reminded her of her father, the look in his eyes as he had handed her the gift, and in a fit of desperation, she cried out, “Please father! Help!”
And then it happened. Light burst from the stone clutched in her hands, shooting out from between her fingers, and Lyli felt an immense power flow through her, and the men were letting go of her, and she was stepping away, radiating so much energy that they couldn’t touch her.
“What do you want?” she asked them, still holding the stone, the light still shooting out, causing most to drop their torches and weapons to cover their eyes.
For a moment no one spoke, and then a tall, important looking man came forward, a hand shielding his eyes “If you don’t mind, can you, er, turn that thing off?”
Lyli suddenly felt very tired, as though the glowing rock had drained her of every ounce of energy, and she let go. The glowing stopped.
“We have come because you are bringing accursed luck on our lands. We came to deman… uh… request,” he glanced at the stone around her neck, “that you leave and take your luck with you.”
Lyli looked at all of them, only about a third of them with torches and weapons now. They all looked slightly scared, but she could tell that they weren’t going to back down. “What do you mean by ‘leave’?”
“We would give you a boat and provisions enough for two months, and then we’d set you off in the right direction.”
“I can’t leave. This is my home.” Looking around, Lyli saw the shore, the waves, and to her left, the forest. She still felt weak, and she wanted desperately to sink to the ground and just cry, but she didn’t let herself.
“We understand that, but ever since your prophecy, all our crops are dying before their full grown, we’ve had droughts turn into floods overnight, and lightning striking from a clear sky. We’ve talked it all over and decided that it’s not a coincidence.”
Lyli looked down at her hands. She wasn’t sure it really was her fault that all these things were happening, but what if it was? What was the right thing to do? Lyli wasn’t a fighter, it wasn’t her way. She had never had to answer to anyone before though, and she didn’t know how to respond.
“Where would I go?” she stuttered, looking from one face to another. Each had a similar expression: hatred, fear and anger.
“There are lands across the sea, everyone knows that.”
That was true, everyone had heard the stories of the lands across the sea. There were tales of lands filled with flowers and fruit trees where people lived forever as near-gods, and then there were stories of floating islands ringed by fire, islands filled with demons and monsters. But when Lyli considered, she realized that there were dozens of stories about the nice lands, and almost no stories about the bad ones.
She wasn’t a particularly adventurous girl, but as Lyli thought about her options, it was alike a whole new world unfolded before her eyes. She didn’t have to stay, she could go search for a land no one had ever found before, somewhere wonderful. She could learn new things.
“You would give me a boat?” she asked slowly, looking down at her hands and considering.
They all nodded.
Lyli looked out over the ocean. She imagined sailing over it, alone for who knows how long. No one knew how far it was till the next land. What if it actually did take two whole months? Would she be able to stand being alone in a boat for that long? And if she were to reach an island, would she be able to survive without help? Would the creatures there be willing to help her? Would there be humans? Would she simply be forced from that land as well?
There were so many things she did not know, things she would never know.
Unless she said yes.
“I’ll do it.”
She could see the surprise in their faces. They hadn’t expected her to be so cooperative.
“I’ll do it. I’ll go.”


Chapter 1

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Lyli had always known of her parentage. Perhaps the old hazelnut tree, the story teller, had told her the tale when she was young, or perhaps the tale of her birth was whispered among the wild animals, or perhaps it was just in her blood to know. She had grown up on tales of the adventures of the gods and their trials and troubles, and she had always known that her father was the god of the sun, Aurum, and that her mother was a storm bringer.
The storm bringers were mortal, and they always had those stormy gray eyes as a mark of their power. They had the ability to make a storm appear out of nowhere, and people were often afraid of them, even as they depended on them to keep their crops alive. The storm bringers were gentle, but if one got angry, a village might experience tornados and hurricanes for weeks on end.
Lyli loved the stories the forest told to her, even more than the forest loves telling them. She was certain that no villager could ever tell a story half as well, and she did not miss the life she could not have.
At the age of five, the age when children receive their prophecy by the Matron, Lyli had gone to the old woman’s house to receive hers. It had ended in disaster. The old woman had declared that Lyli’s future would be filled with darkness and horrors like no other, and that Lyli was an accursed creature who must leave the village or bring terrible bad luck. The villagers had chased the little girl from the town that night, wielding burning torches and shouting curses.
That was seven years ago, and Lyli could hardly remember the event. She did not want to remember it, she was happy where she was, living with the trees and the animals, learning to speak to them and learning to trust them. Though she knew nothing of reading or writing, she knew how to mend a sparrow’s wing, how to sing the hollys to sleep, and how to care for wolf pups while their mothers were away hunting.
Yes, Lyli was happy. She didn’t care for the village, with it’s supposed bad luck and its prophecies, which she didn’t give two thistles about. She had felt out of place there, in a place so filled with anger, which she did not understand, having never felt it. But here, in the forest, she was at peace.
Lyli sat in the boughs of a maple, singing songs about flowers and rivers, feeling the happiness all around her, when suddenly the trees tensed, the animals stilled, and somewhere in the distance, a wolf cried out.
The word entered her mind easily, the trees thoughts mixed with her own.
Sliding down from the branches, Lyli began to run. She did this every time a human came to far into the forest. She didn’t want to meet them.
She could hear the human, but there was only one. She hid behind an oak tree, listening, her gold eyes intent. The footsteps grew near, and then paused.
Somewhere, an owl hooted a warning, and Lyli sank into the tree, trying to be as still as she could. She could hear the man breathing, just a stone’s throw away. She knew it was a man for the heaviness of his footfalls, and the low tones of his breath.
Why did he not go away? Why did he stand there so long?
The owl hooted again, this time sounding pleased.
You can come out, it’s all right.
The owl was wise, Lyli knew that, and if he said it was safe, it was safe. Lyli stepped out from behind the tree, and when she saw the man, she cried out with joy. The man was tall, dressed simply in a white tunic and gray, homespun pants. His hair was light and glimmered in the soft forest light, and his mouth was smiling, along with his eyes, which were a vibrant gold.
“Father!” Lyli cried, racing towards the man, who picked her up and spun her around, laughing the kind of laugh that is catching and makes others laugh too.
“How are you my little one?” he asked, setting her down, his smiling eyes meeting those of his daughter.
“Fine. You did give the wolf quite a turn though, and her with her new litter of pups!”
He laughed again. “I had best go apologize then. Will you show me the way?”
She took his hand and led him through the trees, calling out to all the animals, words of peace and friendship, and one by one they ventured out. Some recognized the man, and remembered his gentle hands and came forward to greet him.
Finally they reached the den of the wolf. Happy yapping came from within, and Lyli called out in the tongue of the wolf, “Mother wolf, my father is here and would like to meet your pups!”
At the sound of Lyli’s voice, Seath, the oldest of the litter, came bounding out yapping and tripping over his paws. Lyli scooped him up as the wolf mother came out to investigate the whereabouts of her over-adventurous son.
The cub yipped nonsense and wiggled to be free and dash off into the woods, but Lyli held firm, laughing at his high energy. Then she asked his mother again if her father might see and hold the pups.
Not that one, he’s a bit too wild today. But he is welcome to come and see Tala and Rollin and the others if he likes.
There were seven pups in the litter, and that was, in Lyli’s opinion, the perfect number. They each had their own distinct personality, and each knew Lyli. There was Seath, Tala, Rollin, Sirius, Rogue, Javerick, and Yara.
Lyli’s father smiled to see them rolling and tumbling over eachother, but when Lyli held out Yara for him to hold, he shook his head.
“No little ember. I can’t hold her. My hands would burn the poor little thing to a crisp.”
Lyli took his hand again and asked “Then why don’t I feel the heat?”
“Because you are mine.” He smiled. Then he rose and bowed to the mother wolf. “Thank you for letting me greet your pups, and I apologize for the fright I gave you coming into the forest unannounced.” Lyli translated.
“Come father, we should leave her to care for her babies now.”
As they left the cave, Lyli’s father put his arm around his daughter’s shoulder. “I cannot visit you again, little ember.”
She looked up at him, her twelve year old face showing distress and her golden eyes filling with tears. “Why not?”
“The other gods have forbidden it. They didn’t like to let you live as a child, and now they have decided that you are old enough to be without me. They granted me this last visit, but I already have stayed too long.”
“You can’t ever come back?”
He nodded, sadness etched in his usually glowing face.
She buried her fact in his shirt, tears falling down her face, and he pulled her close. Speaking into her hair he whispered “I want you to know that I will never really abandon you. I love you as I loved your mother, and I want to be with you. So I am giving you this.” And he pressed something into her hands, kissed the top of her head, and as he vanished he called “Remember me!” and left, leaving only a ray of yellow light behind, and his laughter hanging in the air.
Lyli looked down at the object in her hands, and gasped. It was a stone, round and smooth, attached to a leather string so it could be hung about ones neck. It was smaller than her fist, but it was beautiful, swirling with shades of white and gold, and etched on the front were the words “Forever shining like the sun, my love for you goes on and on”
“Thank you father.” Lyli whispered, smiling.


NPO for “Lyli”

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Title: Lyli
Author: Bethany Watson
Genre: YA, fantasy
Audience: Teenagers

Lyli: Being the 12-year-old daughter of the sun god, Aurum, and a mortal woman, Lyli is hated by all the deities except her father. She was banished from her father’s presence when she was an infant, and since her mother died in childbirth, she has lived on her own ever since. She lived in the woods, learning the languages of all the animals and plants, and learning the arts of the forest. She has never met a human who did not fear her, and she doesn’t understand why they are all so afraid. Living on her own and being raised by trees, animals and flowers caused Lyli to be a very unusual person. Having never felt anger, she does not understand it, and having never cried, she doesn’t know how to. Despite this, she knows things that the hermits and sorcerers spend ages trying to learn, like the language of the clouds. She is a very strong and purposeful girl.

Wanderer: Wanderer is one of a race called the heartless, a race of humans who have no emotions. His father was a mutant heartless, who, despite being a heartless, felt emotions, fell in love with a human, and got married. When Wanderer’s mother got pregnant, she was sure her baby wouldn’t be a heartless, but when he was born and didn’t cry, she knew that her worst fears were true. Wanderer’s father felt so terrible for passing on his race to him son that he killed himself, and his wife sent her son out onto the ocean in a basket without naming him, and died of a broken heart. Wanderer washed up on an island and was found by a mother wolf who took him in and raised him with her litter of pups. But when, 12 years later, the wolf mother died, the island became trapped in time because no one was there to love and care for it. Wanderer could not love, so he simply stayed, being a 12 year old boy, for a thousand years.

Ryder: When Ryder was a boy, he was bitten by a werewolf, and ever since then, every full moon, he undergoes a terrible transformation, and becomes a wolf. Even though he did not impose a threat, since he kept his human mind as a wolf, he feared that one day, he would attack someone, so when he was sixteen, he left the town, and joined a crew, and sailed away. On his voyage, his barge was attacked by pirates, and the ship went down. Ryder clung to a plank, and fell unconscious. When he awoke, he was on an island, in the dead of night. He decided to wait till morning, the go inland and try to find help, but morning never came. He was trapped on an island of eternal night, and a magical barrier held him captive.

Point of View
This story it told in third person

This story mostly takes place on the island of night. It is in a fantasy world, in what is essentially medieval times.

Plot Outline
Lyli is forced to leave her land by the people who fear her, and she sails away until he finds the island that needs love to move through time, and as no one has felt love on the island in a thousand years, it has been trapped in time. She finds Wanderer, and agrees to take him with her as she sails on, trying to find the courts of the gods and plead her case. They go on, and in the dead of night, find an island. They go ashore and meet Ryder, a 25-year-old man, who pleads with them to help him defeat the darkness. This is no ordinary darkness, it is eternal, and evil. Once you comes to the island, you cannot leave, and the darkness takes the worst in you and makes it take you over. Ryder is finding it more and more difficult to keep his mind, and horribly, he is finding it increasingly difficult to change back into a human. Lyli decides to use her sun stone to defeat the darkness. Sun stones are stones from the pavement of the gods, and Lyli is the only mortal in possession of one, and she uses it to communicate with her father, but she discovers that it needs sunlight to function, and she cannot call upon her father to banish the darkness. After a long while, Wanderer’s worst side begins to come out, his emotions, which Lyli thinks is wonderful, but worries Ryder, as he thinks emotions might weaken Wanderer, and when the dark creatures rally to attack this girl and her friends, and Lyli must learn to use her own light to conquer the night.

Man vs Man: The gods fight over what to do with Lyli
Man vs himself: this is seen in both Wanderer and Ryder. Ryder who fears himself and is constantly battling the wolf inside. Wanderer who fights against the emotions that he so does not understand, but is so curious about.
Man vs beast: When Ryder loses his mind for a brief moment and attacks Lyli, and Wanderer jumps to protect her in a moment of emotion.

Good will always win over evil, and light will conquer dark.

Literary Devices
Image: There is imagery used often in this book, as Lyli notices things like smells and sounds and the way things look and feel
Characterization: the story describes each characters appearance and actions in detail
Flashback: there is at least one flashback reminding Wanderer of all his times of emotions and at least one flashback reminding Lyli of all the times he saved her.
Prologue: theres a prologue describing the situations of both Lyli and Wanderer’s births.
Bildungsroman: Both Lyli and Wanderer grow and form themselves throughout the story


Just a bit of information…

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Hi All! Im just letting you know that I changed my novel completely, and I am starting over from scratch again. Im going to have to work hard (obviously) to catch up to where im supposed to be, so wish me luck :)


Chapter one: Autumn March 9, 2010

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It’s strange how every year, without fail, the leaves on the trees change.  They start out all the same, all green, but then one by one they turn the colors of autumn.  It was just the same this year, the year two kinds of autumn were born: the autumn the world brings to pass every year, and Autumn Free.

* * *

Autumn’s blue eyes opened, and she peeled her forehead off the window.  Her red hair was tangled and sticking to her face, and she had a print on her forehead from the window.   She glanced at the clock, which was glaring at her in angry red numbers that said it was seven in the morning.

The sun was just peeking over the tops of the oak trees, painting the sky a vibrant shade of pink.  The leaves on the trees, already orange, turned blood red in the sunrise.

Autumn slid off the window seat, smiling and yawning at the same time.  This was a special sunrise.  It was the sunrise of Autumn’s sixteenth birthday.

Just as Autumn was wondering if she was the only one awake, the door flew open, and her older brother burst into the room, singing and dancing as he came, “Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday dear Autumn!  Happy birthday to you!”  He pinned Autumn to the wall and began tickling her.

Gideon was an interesting brother, he was really cool and all the girls liked him, and his ability to make people laugh was endless.

Autumn was gasping for breath and laughing, trying to throw Gideon, who was two years older and much, much bigger, off of her.

Gideon finally stopped and let Autumn get her breath back.

“So, how’s the birthday girl?” he asked, rumpling her already messy scarlet hair.

“I’m great, how’s the un-birthday boy?”

“I’m great too.”  Gideon flopped down on the floor and sighed.  He looked nothing like Autumn, with his green eyes, brown hair (it was extremely talented hair tht was able to stick up in the back in the mornings, no matter how short Gideon cut it.) and straight, Roman nose.

“You’d better get dressed, little missy.  You don’t want Luke and Blossom showing up with you still in your pajamas.”

Luke and Blossom Pinomaki were Autumn’s two best friends.  They were a year apart, but they looked enough alike to be twins.  Both had blonde hair, the same profile, and the same round, intelligent eyes, even though Luke’s were brown and Blossom’s were green.

“Luke and Blossom are coming over?” Autumn asked, happily tossing shirts into her brother’s lap, from where he would absent-mindedly pick them up and toss them on top of Autumn’s drum set.

“Mhmm.  Apparently Luke tried to make you a birthday cake yesterday… What is this?”

“Oh poor Mrs. Pinomaki, I hope she made Luke clean up after himself, and I hope he didn’t make anything explode like last time, and that, dear Gideon, would be a leg-warmer.”

“Oh.  I was thinking you had tried to sew a puppet or something…”  He stuck his arm through the leg-warmer and folded the ends around his fingers, making something similar to a sock puppet.  He began speaking in a high, falsetto voice.  “Hi!  My name’s leggy!  I live in Autumn’s closet, which she really needs to clean, and-“

Laughing, Autumn chased Gideon from the room with a t-shirt, and just before she slammed the door in his face, the leg-warmer/puppet, still on his hand,

said “Bye bye!”

Laughing to herself about her bizarre brother, Autumn got dressed.  Having red hair really limited her choice of clothing color.  She couldn’t wear red or orange, because it looked so dreadful with her hair, and pink was even worse, but blue looked nice.

Autumn made her way downstairs, just in time to see Luke and Blossom coming up her front steps.  She flung open the door and was promptly confronted with another loud chorus of happy birthday, as well as hugging and more hair-rumpling.

Autumn expected Luke and Blossom to come inside, but instead they pulled her outside.  “We have somewhere we want to take you.”  Blossom explained, smiling in her shy way.

Autumn consented to having her hands duct taped behind her back and a blindfold being put over her eyes, and finally a pillowcase over her head.  Luke then picked her up around the waist, and threw her in the back seat of Luke’s old Junker.

They drove for maybe ten minutes, and the road got bumpier and bumpier.  Autumn had an idea where they were, since the only place this close with this bumpy or a road was the forest park.  She knew the forest quite well, after having been living here for almost her entire life, but she didn’t have a good enough sense of direction to know where they were.

A little while later, after much gear-shifting and jolting, the car rolled to a stop.  The back door opened, and Luke pulled Autumn out of the car, and Blossom pulled off the pillowcase and the blindfold while Luke cut the duct tape off.

The place was beautiful.   Autumn had been right to guess that they were in the forest.  There were oak trees and pine trees all around, and leaves covered the ground, which dipped down to a gargling river.  Morning light filtered through the leaves, a bright golden color, and spread out across the grass was a picnic blanket, with breakfast food covering it.  Right in the center was a big cake, with “Autumn Sky Free” written in yellow, in Blossoms beautiful handwriting.  All around the edges there were yellow and pink roses, real ones, devoid of thorns, bent together in a weaving sort of pattern.

Autumn laughed with delight “Did you make this?”

Luke smiled, brushing a strand of blonde hair from his face. “I helped with the frosting, but Blossom did the baking.”

“Luke put the roses on.”  Blossom said smiling.

“It’s beautiful.”  Autumn hugged both of her friends, feeling more appreciated than she could ever remember feeling.

* * *

“It is incredible how many odd looks one gets when one goes through a store, dripping wet, with pink and yellow roses in ones hair.”

“They’re all just jealous.”  Autumn said, handing a couple shirts to Luke, who, like her and Blossom, was soaked from the river, and who had all the roses from Autumn’s birthday cake in his hair.

“Oh I’m sure they are.  Didn’t you see that guy with all the tattoos and the earring?  He glared at me like ‘How dare you look cooler than me?’”

Blossom’s laugh rang out from inside the dressing room “You should go to D.C. like that, Luke.”

“Oh I plan to.”

Autumn smiled.  Right at that exact second, her life seemed to be perfect.  She thought ‘I hope it stays like this  forever.’

Little did she know that this would be the last day of happiness that she would know for a very long time.

Chapter summary

It’s Autumn’s Sixteenth birthday, and she and her friends have the best day ever.  Autumn marvels at how wonderful her life is.  Little does she know that she is heading straight into a time where there will be almost no happiness.


Ups and Downs

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Cameron threw the book across the room, and listened to the satisfying thump as it hit the wall.

“That was the stupidest… Ugh!” She picked up her phone to call Lesley, her dark hair swinging and her brown eyes blazing as they always did when she was upset.

*       *       *

Lesley’s phone began buzzing.  She pulled it out of her pocket, and saw that it was Cameron.

She flipped it open, “Cam!” She said.

Cameron’s voice came through the receiver, “Hey Lesley. I finished that book you gave me.”

“Autumn Sky?”


“Wasn’t it incredible?  Did Luke remind you of Brandon at all?”

“Um, no not really. I did think Blossom was a bit like you, but I didn’t like it.  Not that I didn’t like Blossom, I just don’t like the book.”

*       *       *

“You didn’t like it?” Lesley sounded disappointed.  Cameron shook her head and then remembered Lesley couldn’t see her and said, “No, I really didn’t.”

“Why not?  I thought it was kind of cool how it had like a moral sort of without being like a fable, and the writing style was actually pretty okay if you think about it.”

“The author seemed Emo, like she was just trying to depress me.  I mean it didn’t even all resolve at the end, if you think about it!  She still has all those legal issues and her dad is still not living with her and her mom is still upset, nothing changes!” Cameron was tugging her sleeves, holding the phone to her ear with her shoulder.

“Well I know but that’s the point.  Ok, no that’s not the point, but the point is that no matter what happens you should never give up hope.  It was a hopeful ending.”

“How was that a hopeful ending?”

*       *       *

Lesley sighed patiently, tucking a strand of short, blonde hair behind her ear.  Cameron was a smart girl but sometimes…

“Cam, it was hopeful because she had a new perspective on things.  She had figured out how to turn her life around, and she was working on changing her situation.  She had Luke and Blossom at her back and she knew the truth.”

And just what is the truth?”

“That no matter what you should never give up hope, I already said that.”

“Oh.  Well that’s true, but there were some things in the writing that bothered me.  Like the fact that the author has obviously never had a near-death-by-drowning experience.”

“You have a point there.  But I wasn’t focusing so much on the writing as the meaning behind it.  And you have to admit, when it came to describing using the five senses, it was pretty good.”

*       *       *

Cameron rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, but a lot of books do that.  Besides, the fact that Autumn and Blossom were still friends even after all those years and all that changing, that’s totally unrealistic.  I mean, people can be friends for a long period of time, but not if they are as different as Blossom and Autumn.”

“We’re pretty different,”

“Yeah but not that different.  And for another thing, the author made some of the characters be too perfect, like, basically flawless.  Take Luke for example, he’s Mr.  Luke Perfect, and all the girls like him, and sure, guys seem like that a lot of the time, but they never really are, every guy has flaws, so does every girl.”

“Blossom was the flawless one, not Luke, since Luke did in fact have flaws.  But I noticed that, what your saying.  I think you might be right, and that the author put people in too perfect a light.  That could have been better.  But could the emotion have been much better? Think about it?  Could it?”

Cameron paused.  There had been some very strong, emotional parts in the story, parts that had made her run to the bathroom for a tissue box, that was true. “I guess your right, that was some good writing.”

*       *       *

“The author is an actor, and she knows how to show lots of emotion without just saying ‘So-and-so was mad’ or whatever.”

“Hmm.  Interesting.”

“And, Cam, about the ending, think about it, was it really so bad?  Honestly think about it and think about the road that lays ahead for Autumn.”

*       *       *

Cameron thought.  It was true Autumn would have a very difficult time ahead of her, but Lesley did have an excellent point, that Autumn now had hope and something to live for.  Cameron knew what it was like to have nothing to live for, and she realized that hope was, in fact, a wonderful thing.

“Ok Les,  guess you might be right, it wasn’t THAT bad.  I’m not putting ‘Autumn Sky’ on my favorites shelf, but I wont but it in the trash can either, ok?”

*       *       *

Lesley grinned.  “You have yourself a deal.”  She picked up her copy of ‘Autumn Sky’ and looked at the cover.   It had a girl with red hair and blue eyes looking up at the leaves and the sky above her, and blonde girl hugging her on the left, and a blonde boy with his arm around her on the right.

There was a knock on the door, and Brandon walked in. He saw Lesley on the phone and mouthed “time for dinner”

“Hey Cameron I have to go.  But I’ll talk to you later!”

“Ok, later Les.”

“Later Cam.”

What book is that?” Brandon asked, coming over to investigate.

“It’s called Autumn Sky.  Want to borrow it?  You can if you like.”

Brandon shrugged.  “Sure.”